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Reality is for those who lack imagination

27th October, 2003. 5:32 pm. So much for proffesionalism...

well, sitting here in the office at 5:30, waiting for a guy that was all set up on the phone, ready to move forward with his music career, had all these refrences from different people he'd played with, adn low adn behold, he still hasn't shown up. I am no longer shocked by this. People call all the time, adn on the phone their fine, but getting htem to come in is a different story. I don't know why it's so hard. it doesn't cost anything, and it can only benefit them to come talk to us. I wish I really could blow up the John Cassablancas building here in raleigh, because they have ruined the name of modeling agencies everywhere with their crappy buisness tactics. Oh well, at least my DJ job is paying off well, and it appears I am on the way to being hte most requested DJ for weddings if my reports keep coming in with such great reviews. I love it. The more fun I have, the more money I make. What better job can there be for an entertainer? I hope I can keep doing it financially, but it looks like I will be able too. Well, I'm off, ribs, scary movie, and a good woman are waiting for me at home. Bye Bye office for now, and hello comfy couch!

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23rd October, 2003. 2:55 pm. Everybodys Working for the Weekend

Well, another weekend, and a huge load of DJ shows for me to pull off. I have two middle school dances, adn a wedding to do on Saturday. Busy, Busy, Busy. But, I could use the extra cash, so it's okay. I haven't done anything with middle school kids in a long time though, I hope I can still be considered "cool" by thier standards. At least I don't have to stay out too late this time, the dance will be over by ten. Also, still looking forward to Halloween, Franklin Street should be a blast this yea. I am doing the halloween party at university mall that night, so it will help to get me in the mood for the nights festivities. Well, that's about all for now my friends, adn I will write more probably tonight or tommorow morning.

Current mood: artistic.

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21st October, 2003. 2:30 pm. Another Day, Another No Show

Well, I guess it's human nature with most to not call and let someone know your not going to show up for an appointment when it's something that does not benefit you immedietly. I wish people would realize the benefits from signing upwith the agency I work for, but there are so many schemes adn fly by night groups that have spoiled it for the rest of us. This is definitly a difficult industry, but I;m strong and I will stick it out until I realize it's time to move on. Hopefully my appointments for later today will renew my confidence, but it's hard to tell. The only thing that keeps me going right now is thinking about next week, which is Halloween. The franklin Street Party should be a hell of a good time this year, as long as the rain stays away. Side note, I think I lost two pounds this week! yeah for me! Only 18 more to go, then I can start to work on getting my muscle definition back. I am not a vain or egotistical person, I just want back what was stolen from me by the drunk driver that ran me over. I don't know whatever happened to him since it was a hit and run, but I hope that he stills feels guilty for what he did. If Fate works to my advantage, he'll pay for it somehow, somewhere down the road. Okay, no more bitter unhappy thoughts. kepp positive attitude today, adn look forward to next week.

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